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Know more on the companies that are staying ahead of the game and continuing to influence the future of the built world

January 11, 2024


In the construction, infrastructure and real estate industries, the Middle East continues its journey of grI n the construction, infrastructure and real estate industries, the Middle East continues its journey of growth and expansion.

2023 saw a string of developments and changes in the built industry, from record-breaking real estate-deals and the rise of the ultra luxury market and branded residences, a slew of innovations in technology that are redefining the built landscape.

There are some industry players, who remain frontrunners in the Middle East built industry. They continue to work towards meeting objectives that are aligned with the region’s visionary leadership as well as creating happier and liveable urban environments.

And it is their resilience, innovation, and technology adoption that are helping to drive their long-standing success and recognition.

The Built Environment ME magazine brings to you a list of key Companies to Watch in 2024 and an insight into their vision for the coming year. These companies have stood the test of time, navigating changes, adapting to trends, demonstrating thier prowess in the built industry, overcoming challenges and constantly re-inventing to stay ahead of the game.

This list is not a 'ranking' but a showcase and the appreciation of those companies who have made an impact in the year that has gone by and continue to influence the future of the Middle East's built environment through their initiatives, and strategies. Please note that the companies are placed in alphabetical order.

These initiatives include consistent performance and service delivery, and continuous efforts to exceed customer expectations and create employee satisfaction, making them truly influential players in the market.


Dr. Ansari, Group CEO

Founded in 1994 under the M/s Sultan Bin Rashed Group of Companies, Adeeb Group has risen to prominence as a key player in Facilities Management and MEP Contracting in the UAE.

Guided by the visionary leadership of HE Sultan Bin Rashed Al Dhaheri, the company has consistently distinguished itself through a steadfast commitment to best practices, reflected in an impressive array of certifications, including ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, TQM, SKEA, ISO 50001, and ISO 55001.

This unwavering dedication to quality and excellence has propelled Adeeb Group to a remarkable 16.8% revenue increase in the 2022-23 financial year, solidifying its standing across diverse sectors, from Universities, Oil & Gas to Healthcare.


Adeeb Group achieved significant milestones, securing prestigious projects from renowned entities such as ADNOC, CMW, and a major Abu Dhabi-based developer. The company’s forward-looking revenue projection for the 2023-24 financial year indicates an impressive 25.5% increase, with an impressive 83% of the revenue already secured. Notably, this period witnessed the establishment of a dedicated Energy Management and Sustainability R&D Team, showcasing the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and environmental responsibility.

Dr. Ansari Wahid Group CEO of Adeeb Group commented on the company’s growth, stating, “Our achievements in 2023 are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We take pride in securing major projects and expanding our reach across sectors. The establishment of our Energy Management and Sustainability R&D Team underscores our dedication to shaping a more sustainable future for our clients and the industry.”


The company envisions a future marked by a 20% increase in revenue, placing a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and innovation. Positioned to play a pivotal role in projects such as the Ruwais Housing Complex for ADNOC, a major developer’s community, and various government projects, Adeeb Group remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions in Facility Management, MEP contracting, ELV/FLS services, Energy Management, Fitout services, and soft services.

Market volatility, talent acquisition, digital transformation, supply chain resilience, regulatory compliance, and evolving customer expectations all demand careful consideration. Dr.  Ansari Wahid, Group CEO of Adeeb Group, with over 15 years in his role and more than 30 years of experience in the Middle East, leads the charge in navigating these challenges and leveraging opportunities.

As the industry evolves, Adeeb Group stands poised to continue its legacy of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the dynamic landscape of Facilities Management and MEP Contracting. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional services and contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future for its clients and the communities it serves.

“Our achievements in 2023 are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We take pride in securing major projects and expanding our reach across sectors. The establishment of our Energy Management and Sustainability R&D Team underscores our dedication to shaping a more sustainable future for our clients and the industry.”


AG Facilities Solutions received industry accolades for its CX programme

AG Facilities Solutions (AGFS), a part of the prestigious Al Ghurair Investment (AGI) group is driven by the purpose of ‘Empowering Facilities, Enhancing Life’ for all, influencing everything from business strategy to employee engagement, to consumer loyalty –  to increase productivity, cost efficiency and operational excellence. 

AG Facilities is a 43-year-old entity creating value across the UAE. 



  • Legacy and  Spread: serving a diverse clientele across UAE
  • Size: 10,000+ happy professional staff from 30+ nationalities
  • 45% increase in the number of women employed.
  • Service Lines: TFM, HVAC, MEP, Housekeeping, pest control, façade cleaning, landscaping, energy management, FM consultancy, specialised services, supplemented by 24*7 Customer-Happiness-Centre.
  • Customers: Associated with industrial stalwarts.
  • 16 accounts over 20 years
  • 90+ accounts over 10 years
  • 130+ accounts over 5 years


At AGFS, it is paramount to make a meaningful impact on society and the environment, a resilient business that is progressive, adaptable, people-oriented, value-creating and driven by sustainable excellence, aspiring to be recognised both for its commercial leadership and for its societal contribution.

The company has embraced the rapid pace of technological advancements and changes in customer expectations, by prioritising technology employee development, and customer focus to deliver the best services.


  • Named a 'Top Employer' in the UAE by the Top Employer Institute in 2023, Glint based 360° employee engagement 

AGFS Customer Experience (CX) transformation programme 

  • AG Facilities Solutions (AGFS) launched a programme to lead customer centric transformation, innovation, and excellence. The programme builds on a 60-year legacy and reshaping customer experience (CX). 
  • CX Programme received accolades by the industry and was instrumental in receiving the coveted Dubai Quality Appreciation Award (DQAA) and Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award(SKEA) 

Technology Transformation

  • Focused on providing the best in breed tech infrastructure for customers and employees,            Partnered with market leaders like MRI, Microsoft, AWS, Fulcrum, Power BI to provide     holistic tech solutions

“As part of its transformation journey, AGFS will integrate Big Data Analytics, AI/ ML, Robotics, Digitalisation of assets, IoT into core FM operations to facilitate technological customer expectations. It will be look at partnering with its customers and vendors to provide implementable solutions around technology driven FM.”


Tony Martin, CEO, Al Bonian FM

To Infinity and beyond….’

In 2023 Al Bonian FM realised an increased revenue growth of 40% and NP of 3% in 2023. This was achievable due to an aggressive strategic approach to winning new work, continuing efficiency, risk taking and confidence in its abilities to deliver the best FM Solutions in the region's FM market.

During this period Al Bonian FM have retained all their existing contracts, in addition to new work wins, and adding to both to its Nakheel and Meydan portfolios. The company believes this is due to its quality reputation and capability to deliver expert in- house Hard Services, as well as to execute major upgrades and systems overhaul with the in-house expertise.

Repara - Al Bonian FM launched their Repara business to specifically target high end properties, to provide a luxury concierge service and not the normal home maintenance packages. The business has been an enormous success and growth is continuous. It has witnessed 95% of all new business has come  through recommendations, either by word of mouth, or via community’s social media pages.

Helpdesk Services - This year Al Bonian FM offered Helpdesk Services to its clients mainly to expedite tenants/owner’s issues and provide technical support. Al Bonian’s Helpdesk team are mostly qualified engineers, and this along with detailed questionnaires/scripts has vastly improved the efficiency of visits to rectify faults, with no more generic or wrong reasons for attendance, but informed and detailed diagnosis.

Self-delivery Soft Services - Al Bonian FM have revisited its initiative to self-deliver soft services, which was initially considered pre-pandemic but then postponed. The execution of this is well on its way, with the management team identified, the implementation underway with recruitment of resources. This initiative will go a considerable way to increasing Al Bonian FM’s footprint and market share within the region.

Al Bonian FM, has over 2023, had considerable presence on media platforms, major industry publications, industry events, forums and awards ceremonies. This reporting period the company received recognition for partnership awards for Seddiqi and Meydan, and  the CEO being recognised on three separate occasions and winning awards.

Al Bonian FM’s brand and reputation continues to grow, become known and recognisable from an FM company of humble beginnings.


The company aims to vastly enhance its portfolio with the addition of soft services self-delivery. Al Bonian FM continues to grow and challenge the major players in the market, and match them even with the disparity in size or financial support. It believes that FM solutions should not be a monopoly of the big players.

It aims to show continuous growth and expand into other markets in the region, while also increasing its market share in the UAE. The Al Bonian FM brand’s singular aim is to become widely known and associated with quality and great FM services.

"Al Bonian aims to show continuous growth, and expand into other markets in the region, while also increasing its market share in the UAE."


Karl-Heinz Otto Mair, CEO, Berkeley Services Group

With nearly four decades of experience, Berkeley Services Group (BSG) emerged as a reliable leader in facility management. Established in Dubai in 1984, BSG has consistently set industry standards for building maintenance, cleaning, security, landscaping and laundry services.

In 2007, Klüh Multiservices, a powerhouse in the facility management sector, entered the Middle East market with the Berkeley Services Offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Led by German entrepreneur Josef Klüh, Chairman of the Advisory Board at Klüh Multiservices, the company has successfully established a formidable presence across various sectors globally, including aviation, healthcare, industrial, and commercial domains.

With a remarkable 112-year legacy in facilities management, Klüh Multiservices has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality services to prestigious corporate clients worldwide. Boasting a workforce of approximately 59,000 employees spread across the globe, the company reached a significant revenue milestone of 1 billion euros in 2022.

One of Berkeley’s key strengths lies in its ability to provide clients with a comprehensive Integrated Management Solution through a single point of contact. It has the privilege of managing large customers such as Emirates Airlines, Dubai Airports, Al Tayer Group for many years which demonstrates its commitment in providing consistent high-quality services to customers. The company portfolio encompasses the maintenance of esteemed facilities, serving an impressive clientele.


The company’s technological advancements included the successful implementation of digital checklists, CAFM systems and enhancing customer service.

In its sustainability journey, a noteworthy milestone was the completion of the Ecovadis sustainability assessment, positioning the company significantly closer to a greener future.

Collaborating with Emirates Environment Group as Associate Partners, brought impactful achievements. The Cans Collection Campaign, collecting 112 kgs of aluminum cans from the company JK staff accommodation, not only mitigated 1.68 MT CO2 and saved 2.69 M3 of landfill but also highlighted the impactful outcomes of collective action in propelling sustainability forward. Berkeley participated in the E-Waste One Root Programme with EEG, exemplifying its commitment to a greener tomorrow.

Internally, initiatives such as composting were practiced at client locations. Collectively, these achievements showcase our dedication to innovation, technological excellence, superior customer service, and impactful sustainability initiatives.


BSG aspires to be a catalyst for positive change in the communities it serves, incorporating a robust focus on social welfare and governance into its core values. The company seeks to collaborate with local stakeholders, supporting community projects, and championing causes that align with its values.

Its focus further extends to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, investing in the professional development of our workforce, staying abreast of industry trends, and implementing state-of-the-art technologies to continuously improve operational efficiency and uphold the highest standards of quality.

Berkeley Services will focus on being the preferred vendor to its clients and potential customers in providing a reliable and economically feasible Asset Management solution to all their properties.

BSG’s vision for 2024 is not just setting new standards in facility management but also about making a positive impact on society. Through its commitment to social welfare and governance, the company aims to create a legacy that extends beyond business success, contributing to the betterment of the communities it serves and ensuring a brighter future for all.

BKA Facilities Management

Stuart McGregor, Managing Director, BKA FM

BKA Facilities Management (previously known as BK Gulf FM) has demonstrated over the past 25 years that innovation, sustainability, and commitment to excellence are at the core of its operations. In 2024, this leading FM provider aims to set new benchmarks that will redefine industry standards.

BKA FM aims to revolutionise FM by developing strategies that deliver tangible, remarkable improvements for clients.

What truly distinguishes BKA FM in this competitive field is their holistic approach towards facility management. BKA FM takes a forward-thinking stance prioritising long-term sustainability, cost-efficiency, and innovation.


In 2023. through a strategic partnership with Al Ali Property Investments (API), the company evolved its identity to become BKA FM, symbolising a fresh era of growth, and the drive to achieve greater milestones. BKA FM is jointly owned by DUTCO and API, making them an integral part of a dynamic group that employs more than 18,000 dedicated professionals across diverse sectors.

BKA FM made substantial progress in reducing the carbon footprint and promoting green practices across their operations. Towards this goal, they established an internal division dedicated to Energy Management. Their cutting-edge technology enables real-time data capture of energy consumption versus building performance, harnessing the power of IoT and AI, for efficient operational delivery and effective asset control, with consistent reductions in energy expenses. Aligned with the UAE government’s vision, BKA FM is charting a course directed at supporting their clientele in meeting vital reduction targets in the years ahead. They champion optimising and modifying existing equipment for enhanced efficiency, ensuring substantial energy savings at a fraction of the capital investment cost.

BKA FM has also enhanced its focus on fit-out and renovation services, aiming to transform and elevate spaces with a blend of expert craftsmanship, advanced technology, and modern design.


BKA FM envisions an exciting year in 2024, filled with impactful developments that will further their position in the market. Additionally, they plan to expand their industry-leading services to new  regional markets.

In 2024, they will further strengthen their partnerships, offering tailor-made solutions to meet the evolving needs of each client.

“2023 has been an amazing year and we are hugely excited about 2024 where we will build on this success around our new branding and ownership, as well as our ever-growing refurbishment division, and our new technologies division focused on energy reduction. 

Whilst all exciting aspects of our business, the energy reduction systems and software that we are now deploying across our client’s portfolio of properties are gaining the most traction. It’s unique in the region and offers energy reduction without large capital investment, and very short ROI’s. It fully aligns with the UAE targets of net carbon zero by 2050. We are very proud and confident of this differentiator supporting our status in the market.” – Stuart McGregor, Managing Director

"The energy reduction systems and software that we are now deploying across our client's portfolio of properties are unique in the region and offers energy reduction without large capital investment, and very short ROI's. It fully aligns with the UAE targets of net zero by 2050."


Dubai Community Management (DCM) stands out as a prominent player in the Middle East’s competitive landscape of community management. What sets it apart from the competition is its extensive portfolio, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and comprehensive approach to community management.

In terms of sheer scale, DCM proudly oversees an expansive 648 million square feet of land, comprising 21 residential communities and 28 master communities.

DCM is committed to creating vibrant and sustainable communities in Dubai. In each managed community, a focus is placed on delivering impeccable maintenance, security, and efficient operations to provide residents with an authentic sense of home.

The technical management expertise of DCM is a testament to its commitment to excellence. DCM diligently oversees the maintenance and management of all infrastructure and structures within its designated communities and districts.

DCM’s financial management services are thoughtfully designed to facilitate the seamless operation of communities and districts, all while upholding a high standard of transparency in all financial affairs.

Dubai Community Management (DCM) consistently aims for excellence while managing a vast build-to-sell portfolio under Dubai Holding. DCM’s transformation journey is built upon the four pillars of financial stability, processes and governance, cutting-edge technology, and diverse culture.

Emphasising transparency and financial sustainability, DCM excels particularly in jointly owned properties and district management. Backed by a strong governance structure and state-of-the-art IT systems, the company is positioned for significant technological advancements and advanced applications to support its day-to-day operations. Furthermore, DCM’s diverse workforce cultivates a distinctive culture, demonstrating how innovation, transformation, and cultural values drive a company toward industry leadership.


DCM achieved remarkable progress in delivering innovative solutions, technological advancements, customer service, and sustainability initiatives. The company improved its customer service experience and introduced sustainability initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of its managed communities, ultimately resulting in it being awarded the title of Best Community Management Company of 2023.


DCM envisions setting new industry standards, expanding its portfolio with innovative technologies, and prioritising sustainability. The goal is to maintain leadership in community management, offering exceptional spaces for residents and investors. This involves focusing on excellence in communities and district management, technical management, and financial management while adapting to evolving client needs and environmental considerations.

“DCM’s transformation journey is built upon the four pillars of financial stability, processes and governance, cutting-edge technology, and diverse culture.”


Abdulla Abushabib, Senior Executive Director of Commercial & Customer Care

Redefining excellence in real estate asset management

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the UAE's real estate domain, Ejadah Asset Management stands as a beacon of unparalleled success and innovation. Established in 2005, Ejadah has swiftly ascended to the forefront of asset management, establishing its domain over an impressive 132 million square feet of real estate assets, including globally renowned landmarks that grace the skylines across various nations. Reinforced by a workforce exceeding 14,000 talented individuals, Ejadah stands as a true pioneer, steadfast in its commitment to delivering exceptional community solutions while ensuring sustainable yields and prosperity for its stakeholders.

What truly sets Ejadah apart is its unwavering commitment to crafting tailored innovative solutions and seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology across its operational landscape. Operating through three distinctive verticals—Idama, Arkan, and Shabaka—Ejadah has experienced nothing short of an impressive rise, marking a remarkable 70% surge in revenue and an astounding 90% increase in resource allocation since the year 2018.

The zenith of Ejadah's excellence resonates profoundly in its stellar achievements throughout the year 2023. Their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction resulted in a monumental 30% reduction in complaints, culminating in the prestigious attainment of ISO 10001 & 10002 compliance—an unequivocal testament to their unwavering dedication to service quality. Noteworthy is their surpassing of B2B and B2C satisfaction levels by prioritising bespoke solutions and proactive engagement that resonate profoundly with their diverse clientele.

Innovation is not just a buzzword at Ejadah; it is ingrained in the very core of their operations. The seamless integration of groundbreaking technologies such as WhatsApp, WhatsApp Bot, and Self Service IVR has been pivotal. These strides solidified Ejadah's position as a vanguard in customer-centric excellence, setting unparalleled standards in service delivery that resonate with both clients and end-users alike.

Beyond their technological advancements, Ejadah's commitment to progress extends seamlessly to environmental stewardship. They champion sustainability initiatives, diligently managing site-wide utilities and curbing energy consumption, while actively engaging in various Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Internally, their unwavering emphasis on environmental responsibility has yielded tangible reductions in paper and electricity usage among their workforce.


Abdulla Abushabib, Senior Executive Director of Commercial & Customer Care, articulates Ejadah's inspiring vision for the upcoming year, “Our Vision for 2024 is Inspired by our commitment as a world-class community solutions provider."

He emphasises Ejadah's unwavering dedication to innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction, aligning with their ambitious goals of achieving a 6% revenue growth and securing a substantial market share by 2024.

"Our Vision for 2024 is inspired by our commitment as a world-class community solutions provider."


Markus Oberlin, CEO, Farnek

Leading the Way in Facilities Management

With a clear vision to be the top provider of smart and sustainable facilities management solutions, Farnek has established itself as a reliable and trusted partner in the industry.

Since its establishment in 1980, Farnek has grown into a leading integrated facilities management company in the UAE. Its comprehensive range of services includes soft services, security, hard services, hospitality manpower supply, sustainability, and technology solutions. What sets Farnek apart from its competitors is the emphasis they place on innovation and customer experience, which has been instrumental in their impressive growth and success.

Farnek is now expanding its operations to other emirates. Furthermore, it is committed to sustainability and remains at the forefront of creating smart and sustainable solutions and facilities in the region. 


In 2023, the company launched various initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption, obtaining green certifications for hotels, achieving LEED certifications, implementing carbon management, enhancing waste management and recycling, as well as developing sustainable solutions for their clients.

Farnek’s remarkable progress has been significantly shaped by advancements in technology and sustainability. In 2023, it invested in cutting-edge AI technologies to improve its services. Smart sensors monitor and optimise energy consumption, while AI enhances its security measures. HITEK, Farnek’s Technology company, introduced comprehensive reporting requirements for energy usage, carbon footprint, and sustainability efforts. To meet these requirements, FM diligently tracks and reports metrics using our in-house solution, POWERTEK. It also has CARBONTEK, an advanced online tool that calculates carbon emissions, identifies hotspots, and supports businesses in achieving net zero. 

The company has received numerous awards and accolades over the years. In 2023, Farnek was honoured with prestigious awards from FMME Middle East, CBNME FM and MEP, MEFMA, MECHF, and more.


Farnek reiterates its commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions. According to Markus Oberlin, CEO of Farnek, “Our vision for 2024 is to stay ahead of the game by keeping up to date with the latest environmental regulations. Adopting green technologies and energy-efficient measures is not just a requirement, but essential for promoting sustainable practices and reducing our environmental footprint. The increasing demand for LEED-certified buildings and renewable energy sources like solar means that we need to be agile, proactive, and innovative. We must embrace new technologies and standards while continuously improving our skills and training as FM practitioners. By doing so, we not only meet regulatory requirements but also create a more sustainable future for generations to come. It’s a win-win for the environment and our bottom line.”

"Our vision for 2024 is to stay ahead of the game by keeping up to date with the latest environmental regulations. Adopting green technologies and energy-efficient measures is not just a requirement, but essential for promoting sustainable practices and reducing our environmental footprint."


Mahmood Rasheed, COO , Imdaad

Imdaad is a Dubai-based group of companies providing integrated, sustainable Facilities Management (FM) services that enhance the operational efficiencies of physical assets.

Having built a reputation as an industry leader in the UAE and the wider GCC region, Imdaad delivers a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions through its nine specialised business divisions covering hard and soft FM services, solid waste and wastewater management, material recovery, life safety solutions, home maintenance, pest control, and elevator systems solutions. The company’s numerous recognitions at the regional and global levels highlight its consistent performance, growth, and commitment to industry-leading service quality and standards.


Imdaad’s sustained growth is evident in its consistent contract renewals, new client acquisitions, and expansion into diverse sectors and regions. Innovation and technology form the bedrock of Imdaad’s strategies, ensuring a continuous lead over competitors.

Internally, Imdaad nurtures innovative thinking through initiatives like the Innovative Committee, the Ibtikar policy, and the Baader employee suggestion scheme. Notably, the company has seamlessly completed its digital transformation across all its departments and subsidiaries.

As a technology leader, Imdaad’s smart solutions redefine FM services. The company’s recent technology adoptions include the installation of new equipment at its FARZ material recovery facility, enabling the production of 200 tons of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) daily.

Additionally, the company’s upgrade of Imtedaad, its business division dedicated to cost- effective and sustainable energy management, has resulted in a substantial improvement in operational efficiencies.


Imdaad aims to expand its regional footprint in 2024, leveraging its unique service offerings and strategic partnerships with industry leaders. While firmly established in the UAE and Oman, the company entered Egypt last year and targets expansion into Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In addition, Imdaad aims to optimise its systems and operations by integrating cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, IoT, and AI. This commitment not only fuels its own growth and success but also contributes to the overall advancement of the industry.

“Imdaad has steadily grown as a reliable integrated FM services provider, celebrating consistent success year after year. Our journey over the years has been truly remarkable, thanks to our outstanding product and service innovations, cutting-edge technological advancements, unmatched customer service standards, and impactful sustainability innovations. We aim to consolidate our excellence in this ever-evolving industry by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and turning challenges into opportunities on our path to setting new standards of service delivery,” says Mahmood Rasheed – COO , Imdaad

"We aim to consolidate our excellence in this ever-evolving industry by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and turning challenges into opportunities on our path to setting new standards of service delivery.”


MyGate, established in 2016 in Bengaluru, India, is the world's largest community app, serving 3.5 million+ units across 25,000+ communities in 27 global cities. Founded by Vijay Arisetty, along with Shreyans Daga and Abhishek Kumar, the platform addresses efficiency gaps in community management. Evolving into a comprehensive customer experience platform, MyGate now caters to property managers, real estate developers, and owner associations. The app facilitates communication, internal forums, visitor management, salary payments, service discovery, seamless payments for service charges, utility bills & much more.


MyGate's app has evolved significantly, offering over 220+ features with a user-centric design focused on simplicity. The interface is characterised by user-friendliness and a clean layout, with a thoughtful approach to distinguishing essential and optional features. Users are empowered with precise control through straightforward on/off settings. 


Beyond OAMs, MyGate supports property developers and management companies in various tasks, including service charge management, utility billing, & visitor management. The platform goes beyond traditional community management, offering supplementary add-ons that enable customers to explore new business opportunities, generating additional revenue and enhancing satisfaction.


MyGate stands out for its commitment to continuous innovation, ensuring a 360° digital transformation for community convenience. Regular updates, innovative solutions like a peer-to-peer Marketplace, and streamlined workflows solidify its position as a leading innovator in the property management space. 


In 2023, MyGate won the "Community Solution of the Year" at the Outlook Business Excellence Awards and the "Security Software Company of the Year" at the Business World Security Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023. It introduced India's first social feed for gated community customers, showcasing innovation. MyGate improved user convenience with features like QR-based guest invites, a pet directory, and a vendor directory


MyGate strives to provide a holistic customer experience platform that seamlessly guides customers through every stage of their interaction with a property - from the initial entry at the gate to the overall experience throughout the entire property. It also aspires to explore its potential in diverse commercial settings such as technology parks, compounds, leasehold properties and malls. The company’s goal is to position MyGate as the ultimate customer experience solution in both residential and commercial communities across the Middle East and its efforts will be aligned towards achieving the same in 2024. 


8 Million + App users served worldwide.

US$ 300 Million Service charges processed annually.

7 Million + Discussion Threads generated annually


ABB to acquire SEAM Group to expand electrification service offering
ABB to acquire SEAM Group to expand electrification service offering

Broadens ABB’s Electrification Service portfolio with industrial asset management and advisory services in the US, adding 3,000 additional customer sites

February 16, 2024
Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai selects Facilio’s IoT operations platform for a world-class campus experience
Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai selects Facilio’s IoT operations platform for a world-class campus experience

Facilio works with many leading education institutions across the world, helping them to manage facilities, by leveraging the power of IoT

February 14, 2024 IFM
Exploring the future of construction
Exploring the future of construction

ALEC’s CEO, Barry Lewis speaks to Fyna Ashwath on how the company is building on the growth it is witnessing in KSA.

February 14, 2024 IFM
ENGIE Solutions: Groundbreaking operating model redefining Facility Management
ENGIE Solutions: Groundbreaking operating model redefining Facility Management

In 2020, ENGIE Solutions was selected as the Facility Management Agent (FMA) for the International Maritime Industries (IMI) mega project in Ras Al-Khair, Saudi Arabia.

February 14, 2024
Unlocking Possibilities
Unlocking Possibilities

As Saudi Arabia continues its phenomenal growth, companies across diverse sectors are leveraging the opportunities and furthering expansion strategies into the Kingdom.

February 13, 2024
Taking a Technology-first Approach to Capital Projects
Taking a Technology-first Approach to Capital Projects

The right digital technology mix can enable change that drives efficiency, effectiveness, and, ultimately, business transformation.

February 13, 2024
Emaar’s profit increased by 70% and property sales increased by 15%
Emaar’s profit increased by 70% and property sales increased by 15%

Emaar's property sales backlog reached AED 71.8 billion(US$ 19.5 billion), to be recognised as revenue in the coming years

February 9, 2024 Real Estate
LAPITA paves the way for sustainable hospitality with green initiatives
LAPITA paves the way for sustainable hospitality with green initiatives

In line with its commitment to environmental responsibility, it unveiled a series of impactful sustainability initiatives.

February 6, 2024 Energy & Waste Management
'Construction companies in the Middle East are embracing digital transformation'
'Construction companies in the Middle East are embracing digital transformation'

Turner & Townsend's latest report reveals that digital technologies are set to revolutionise the construction landscape in the region

February 5, 2024 PropTech
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